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Leveraging advanced technologies to improve where, when, and why bioanalysis is performed

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The future of bioanalysis

We are experienced professionals leveraging advanced technologies to improve the performance of bioanalysis entirely. We are developing high-performance instrumentation at a fraction of the cost of existing products and state-of-the-art assay content. Our mission is to dramatically increase access to bioanalytical tools across research and diagnostic markets with a specific focus on meeting advancing demand in personalized healthcare.

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Powerful, accessible spectrophotometer.

Cuvette-based visible or near-infrared spectrophotometers that enhance day-to-day workflows without service contracts, bench space, IT support, or software licenses.

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Our aim is to increase access

As the demand for personalized healthcare increases, we are working on bioanalytical tools to support research and diagnostic teams across the globe. Reduced cost and time per test will help your team focus more on what matters. Access to this technology and data means access to higher quality care faster.

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